EGO HT2400 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

EGO HT2400 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

I can’t say I have ever heard anyone actually say, boy I can’t wait to get home and trim the hedges! I’m not even sure I have heard about anyone being excited to guy buy a trimmer. Unfortunately, it can be a necessary evil having to do either. Though I can’t really help with the labor part of it, this review will at least help choose the best cordless hedge trimmer for the daunting task that lies ahead.

The EGO HT2400

The EGO HT2400 24″ Hedge clipper boasts a 56volt Lithium Ion battery that powers a brushless motor in this cordless tool.Since it is battery powered, you will not need an extension cord to fight with while in use. The teeth are made with hardened steel, which helps ensure that shrubs and small trees will not stand a chance for years to come. Also comes with a plastic sheath to cover the teeth and keep them protected.

The EGO HT2400 is rugged enough for commercial use, but is marketed more to homeowners. This model is rated to cut up to 3/4″ branches, and my experience with this has proven it. It posed no problems at all – I trimmed roughly 24 bushes and one tree with little to no struggle. I have the 2.0Ah battery with mine, and is rated for 1 hour of continuous use. Straight out of the box, the first thing I did was fully charge the battery (as recommended for lithium ion batteries as a whole), and was able to trim hedges for over an hour and a half, at which point I was done with the project anyways.

 EGO 24" Hedge Trimmer

Pricing and Purchasing Details

The HT2400 can be purchased alone with no battery or charger from between $99.00 and $169.00. You can also purchase this tool in a kit (model HT2401) with a 2.0Ah battery (rated use 1 hour) and a charger. If you were to buy them separately, you would pay a bit more than the kit. Chargers for the 56v batteries run between $69.99 to $99.99, and batteries will run you between $129.00 and $360.00. Add this to the $99.00 for the trimmer and you will be paying a considerable amount more. The HT2400 and HT2401 as with other EGO products can be purchased in-store or online from The Home Depot, or online from Amazon, Bonanza, or Sears.


  • EGO 56volt 2.0Ah BatteryThe trimmer is battery powered and therefore no fighting with extension cords.
  • The high voltage of the batteries (56 volts) delivers more power to the motor which enables the tool to work harder.
  • The trimmer features an electronic brake for a safety stop of the teeth if the user were to let go of the handle or trigger.
  • The battery is interchangeable with other EGO cordless tools.
  • The 24″ blade makes it easy to keep your hedges straight while trimming.
  • 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The trimmer has a 2-part safety feature (which by itself should be a “pro”), which has been deemed encumber some by a few users, by requiring them to hold both the guide handle and use the trigger at the same time.
  • By nature of the trimmer being cordless, the battery does add a little weight to it coming in at close to 12lbs.


I could not leave without offering a couple alternatives for comparison. I found three very similar hedge trimmers, one even from one of my favorite brands – Milwaukee. These 3 trimmers are as follows…

Ryobi 24″ (Model #RY40610A). It’s cutting length is 24″ and uses an 40volt battery. This tool comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty and can be purchased from $85.00 (battery and charger NOT included).

Milwaukee M18 FUEL (Model #2726-20). This trimmer is professional grade and has a 24″ cut. This trimmer is powered by an 18volt battery. This trimmer can be purchased for $169.00 (battery and charger NOT included).

Echo 24in. 58v Trimmer (Model #CHT-58VBT). This is a professional grade trimmer powered by a 58volt battery with a 24″ cut. Echo offers a 5 year consumer warranty and a 2 year commercial warranty. This trimmer can be purchased for $179.00 (battery and charger NOT included).

My Thoughts

Having used the HT-2400, I can tell you it is capable of doing exactly what it says it can do. I put it up against its rated capacity of 3/4″ branches, and went through them as it said it would. I even found that the battery thankfully lasted a bit longer than was expected. I can’t satnd to have to stop a project just when it’s close to being done, especially to have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a battery to charge. This one lasted until the job was done.

The trimmer was very easy to use despite the two-part safety and the extra weight of the battery. The safety switch on the guide handle is made to activate wherever along the handle you are holding it. The double-sided cutting teeth and seemingly well balanced weight distribution helps to ensure meneuverability.

Once you buy an EGO battery, you can use it for all the other EGO products. Since I have a battery for my trimmer, once it’s time to buy a blower (EGO) I will be able to use the same battery, allowing me to only have to buy the blower itself. The batteries come in different capacities, from 2.0Ah through 7.5Ah. THis can allow for longer tool usage.

All that to say this, I am sold on the EGO HT-2400. It performed better than expected. The trimmer is not expensive for its quality, which makes it very economical cost-wise. Add the interchangebility of the batteries, and I am a new fan of EGO tools.



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  1. Good item. I have done a lot of research on EGO products. They are considered the leader in lithium lawn equipment for their long lasting batteries and power their equipment delivers.

    • The tool I have now is every bit as strong as a professional grade, but half the cost. I was hesitant to purchase battery powered lawn equipment in the past, but I am now sold.

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