Garage Storage Ideas For The Home Handyman

Having an organized garage is not a simple project and it might take a few efforts before you get the best garage storage ideas that work for you. Here are some great ideas any handyperson can tackle and succeed with, that will give you a garage that is orderly so you can find everything when you need it!

There is some easy DIY ideas in this post, a basic home tool kit will be all you need.

1. Garage wire shelving

One of the easiest garage storage ideas is to put up wall-mounted shelving. If you use some wire baskets and hang them from some hooks, it will take you very little time to get these up and in use.

2. Storing your fishing gear

Tired of your fishing rods getting tangled up and falling over? Get a 3-inch length PVC pipe and a swimming pool foam noodle. Drill 1-inch holes every 4 inches across the pipe and use a knife to cut slits in the noodle the same spacing apart. Line up the noodles on the wall so two of those slits are sitting over studs and pull them apart and slide in a fender washer. Use 2-inch screws to attach to the wall and screw the pipe beneath it so you can rest your rods on it and the slits hold them in place.

3. Save floor space by stacking bins vertically

When you have items that are seasonal so you do not need to access them often it makes sense to get a set of storage bins that stack easily. You could have different colours for different seasons, or different sports or come up with your own system. When looking for garage storage ideas that do not involve too much effort, this is a great option.

4. Put more up on your walls safely!

There is only so much you can put up on the walls as a lot has to hang from studs. But you could add a three-quarter-inch plywood layer over bare studs and drywall so that you have more space to use.

5. A nifty overhead storage idea

The ceiling is a great place to turn into storage opportunities for seasonal items and lightweight items like camping gear, or holiday decorations. You could build a garage storage system up there and slide in plastic storage bins giving you a lot more floor space.

6. Put in more storage cabinets

Garage storage ideas could be as simple as looking at more storage cabinets you can put in to better handle your needs. You can choose a range of sizes so you make use of the whole height of the garage, making sure the top harder to reach shelves have the things you are not likely to need as often.

7. Make use of those corners

Do you know where else in your garage you might have wasted space? Your corners! You likely have shelving across several walls but have you thought about putting in some corner shelves in each of your corners that can fit them. They are easy, cheap and quick to put in.

8. More overhead ideas

Another overhead storage idea is to just take 2 inch PVC pipes and cement them together into a rack shape and then bolt them to the ceiling joists so they can handle heavy loads.

9. Check out sliding shelves that save you a lot of space

A set of rollout shelves can make the sidewalls a lot more efficient, giving you storage for all kinds of things from long-handled tools to shelves you can slide things into and more.

10. Put up some pegboard walls

In case you have not already done this another of the great garage storage ideas is to put up pegboard on your walls. Use it to mount screw hooks and then you hang all kinds of things, wheelbarrows, bikes and more.

What you want more??

Here’s some additional links for even more garage storage ideas

Taking time to declutter and organise your garage is rewarding. Get your space back for DIYing while you DIY creating new storage solutions. We hope you’ve been inspired….now get to to it!


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